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* RAND, David

* rationalism

* Reason, Tolerance, and Christianity ; INGERSOLL, Robert Green

* religion

* Religion Explained ; BOYER, Pascal

* Religious Roots of the Taboo on Homosexuality ; LAURITSEN, John

* RUSSELL, Bertrand

* RAND, David

Founder and author of this web site.

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* rationalism (n.)

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* Reason, Tolerance, and Christianity
The Ingersoll Debates (Freethought Library)
INGERSOLL, Robert Green
Keywords: Catholicism Christianity
Prometheus Books, Amherst, NY, USA

* religion (n.)

The definition of this word suffers from the same vagueness as does religious discourse in general, but it is generally understood to imply two major components: belief in some supernatural or paranormal phenomena (such as a god or gods) which are alleged to transcend or lie beyond the natural, real, material world in which we live, and a social or tribal aspect involving the community of the faithful who share particular beliefs. Although in modern times we see the emergence of the phenomenon of personal religious belief, the social aspect nevertheless remains important, because religious faith is often a matter of loyalty as much as it is of belief.

When used on this site, unless otherwise indicated, the word "religion" should generally be understood to mean supernatural religion, i.e. involving belief in supernatural phenomena.

Note that this usage is not universal. For example, Albert Einstein sometimes described himself as "religious", yet he totally rejected belief in the paranormal and the supernatural; in particular he did not admit the concept of a personal god, thus rejecting theism.

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Atheist Universe -- MILLS, David

Breaking The Spell -- DENNETT, Daniel Clement

Can We Be Good Without God -- BUCKMAN, Robert

Darwin's Dangerous Idea -- DENNETT, Daniel Clement

Doubt, a History -- HECHT, Jennifer Michael

The End Of Faith -- HARRIS, Sam

The Ethics of Belief -- BURGER, A. J. (editor)

50 Reasons People Give For Believing In A God -- HARRISON, Guy P.

Fighting Words -- AVALOS, Hector

The God Delusion -- DAWKINS, Richard

God is Not Great -- HITCHENS, Christopher

GOD: The Failed Hypothesis -- STENGER, Victor J.

The Happy Heretic -- HAYES, Judith

A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom -- WHITE, Andrew D.

How We Believe -- SHERMER, Michael

An Illusion of Harmony -- EDIS, Taner

In God We Trust, But Which One? -- HAYES, Judith

The Influence of Natural Religion on the Temporal Happiness of Mankind -- BENTHAM, Jeremy

Irreligion -- PAULOS, John Allen

H.L. Mencken on Religion -- MENCKEN, Henry Louis -- JOSHI, S. T. (Editor)

The Moral Landscape -- HARRIS, Sam

The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind -- JAYNES, Julian

The Portable Atheist -- HITCHENS, Christopher

Religion Explained -- BOYER, Pascal

Science and Ethics -- KURTZ, Paul (editor)

Science Versus Religion -- CLEMENTS, Tad S.

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast -- WOLPERT, Lewis

Superstition and Other Essays -- INGERSOLL, Robert Green

The Transcendental Temptation -- KURTZ, Paul

The Vanquished Gods -- SCHLAGEL, Robert H.

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Relevant Links:

* Religion Explained
BOYER, Pascal
Keywords: evolution history religion
Perseus Books

* Religious Roots of the Taboo on Homosexuality
Keywords: Christianity homosexuality

Lauritsen explains how "the taboo against homosexuality is a transitory historical phenomenon, rooted in superstition from the past." Homosexuals were persecuted over the centuries "because of arbitrary theological conceptions of morality peculiar to Judeo-Christianity." This pamphlet is a much expanded version of a presentation made in New York City in 1974 to the Scholarship Committee of the Gay Academic Union.

* RUSSELL, Bertrand

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