Living Without Religion 
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Living Without Religion

Theism: False, unnecessary and dangerous
Atheism: Absence of theism

"What, indeed, is an atheist? He is one who destroys delusions which are harmful to humanity in order to lead men back to nature, to reality, to reason. He is a thinker who, having reflected on the nature of matter, its energy, properties and ways of acting, has no need of idealized powers or imaginary intelligences to explain the phenomena of the universe and the operations of nature. Such fictional agents, far from helping humanity to understand the natural world, only make that world appear capricious, inexplicable, beyond recognition, and useless for the welfare of humanity."

— Paul-Henri Thiry D'HOLBACH, 1723-1789
Système de la nature

Religious practice is an impediment to the advancement of the human species. Religious faith is a lesion on humanity's intellectual resources and a vestige of its infancy. We are better off without religion.


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