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Visitors' Comments

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A few remarks from visitors to this site.
The webmaster, David Rand, sometimes responds.
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January 2011

And Man Created God in His Own Image

Bud, 2011-01-04

"And Man Created God in His Own Image"

October 2009

Web site

Jim Cranwell, 2009-10-22

Just wanted to express how happy I am to have located your web site which I managed to do by way of your recent article in the Free Inquiry magazine.

A comment on your definition of atheism. You indicate your preference for the Oxford Dictionary definition. I have always had a problem with this definition. Because they use the big capital "G" for god it appears they are saying "there is a God, but you choose not to believe in Him".

Thanks for a great site.

Webmaster's Comment : Thanks Jim. You are evidently referring to my comments under What is Atheism?

I agree with you that the word "god" should not normally be written with a capital letter. So although I prefer the Oxford Dictionary definition because it defines atheism as disbelief (rather than belief), it could be improved by following your suggestion. For example, "Disbelief in the existence of god or gods" would be a definite improvement.

For other visitors to this site, the article to which Jim is referring is "Theism as Hate Propaganda: Can One Be Good With God?" in Free Inquiry magazine, Vol. 29, no. 6, Oct./Nov. 2009. The article is not yet available on line. (And by the way, in the article title the word "God" is capitalized only because it is in a title!)